Bulgarian Rose Water

Rejuvenate the body and mind with Royal Beauty Rose Water made with 100% organic Bulgarian rosa Damascena. Sourced directly from Bulgaria’s world-renowned Rose Valley during the annual rose harvest, our pure, natural, and undiluted rose water is distilled by steaming fresh, hand-picked rose blossoms. 


+ Tones and detoxifies 
 + Moisturizes and balances skin Ph
 + Rejuvenates and stimulates
 + May reduce inflammation
 + May prevent acne

Use: After cleansing, spray a cotton ball and glide gently over the face and neck to tone and detoxify the skin. May be used as a body mist after shower, a natural aftershave toner. This aromatherapy mist is perfect for face, body, and hair. 

Ingredients: Made with 100% Pure and Organic Bulgarian Damascena rose water.