We're on a mission to liberate beauty for all and for good.
Madame Turpeau is woman-owned, family run, and designed to promote self care as a core component to the beauty and fashion industries. 

Founder Jenniffer Turpeau launched the company in 2015 with clean ingredients and clear-conscience consumption in mind. What started as an exercise to disrupt surface ideals of beauty evolved into a self-made enterprise with a small-batch ethos. Now our sights are set on big impact as we scale our efforts to something bigger than beauty products. We’re going to reinforce new ways of seeing from within, revolutionize rituals of self-care, and show women and femmes how to claim their power through strength in self. 

Because beauty is an attitude, for all, for good™.

Born in Puerto Rico, I spent my childhood in the mountains with my grandmother and in the projects with my parents. My experience of beauty was forged from the duality between austere government housing and the lush majesty of island life. In the midst of heavy concrete walls we had a small garden of fruit trees and spices plucked daily for cooking. 

From within those walls rituals of beauty were born. There was aloe vera for facials and digestive herbs for our water. Healing was ever present. In 2007, I came to New York to pursue a career as an actress. Coming of age in one of the greatest cities on Earth exposed me to an infinite palette of opulence and the sensuous. I recognized luxury as something I had to create myself.

MADAME TURPEAU is as self-made as it gets. Since 2015, our teams have made everything in small batches to sustain quality and prevent waste. We strive to make big impact in the hearts of our customers and in the world around us with clear-conscience, cruelty-free products. Every collection is inspired by my love for the natural world and honors the legacy of my lived experience. 

In 2020, my mother joined the team as Director of Quality Control & Line Production. Together, we seek to shape a world where everyone feels included and inspired to connect with the self on their own beautiful journey.